Want the benefits drinking smoothies can provide? If so, I have the perfect answer for you:


Kalu Kares Smoothie Take Over

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Are a tasty alternative to essential vitamins and minerals?
Help keep you hydrated?
Help you feel revitalized?
Provide calcium for bone strength?
Helps shed body fat?
Are a great alternative to fast food on the go?
Are simple and easy to make?
Boost your energy?
Improve your skin texture? 
Boost your immune system? 
Detox your body?
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Are Hungry all the Time?

Don’t Know What to Eat for Breakfast?

Are You Trying to Lose Weight?

Tired of the Same Boring Food All the Time?


The Answer to These Questions are in Smoothies!


Smoothies are a Delicious way to Satisfy your Hunger, grab a quick healthy breakfast and lose weight without starving!!!!

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If you have a health problem, and you have not done so already, please get yourself checked out by your Doctor first. There is probably nothing seriously wrong with you, so you have nothing to worry about, but it really is worth having that peace of mind. So, please do it.

However, if you have been to the Doctors, and you have tried all their drugs, chemicals, sprays, steroids, antibiotics, pain killers, anti-histamines... and all the other stuff that may work for a week or two... then you really should think about giving The Kalu Kares Smoothie Take Over a try!

You have nothing to lose... and absolutely everything to gain.

To Your Health,
Dr. Venetta Kalu
Clean Green Body

Now here is your chance to finally discover how you can lose weight, gain energy, get healthy on your schedule the clean green way. This one is a no-brainer thanks to your 8-week guarantee.

Mother Nature really did have the answer all along!

This really is what you have been looking for.

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Dear Would Be Clean Eater:


I am introducing you to Smoothies as one aspect of eating clean and easy.  Clean eating may seem very overwhelming initially, especially if you are carnivorous and have not ventured out to eating veggies and fruits as a mainstay of life.  Then it will seem like you have a boat load of changes to make that will undoubtedly overwhelm you. However, as the old adages go, “the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time” or “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.  Therefore, take baby steps; making small changes daily that you can handle.  Thus, you will accomplish your goal of incorporating clean eating into your life without any unnecessary little stresses or annoyances.


However, Clean Eater, food is the way to optimal health. Another old adage is “garbage-in, garbage- out... your body will tell on you for sure.  If you eat clean you will radiate clean health and energy.


Aside from being ultimately healthy, Smoothies are ridiculously fun and easy to make and share.  It is easy and fun to incorporate in social activities like parties and barbecues.  Also, you can get your plant life in your diet with these tasty drinks for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  There are many combinations that you can put together to create a delicious meal in a glass.  You can drink even drink smoothies before you work out to help with your endurance and to build smooth muscles.


In my book Smoothie Take Over, I have 60+ recipes to help you eat clean and well through-out the day, weeks and month.  If you need support I am there for you as well to help you on your journey.


I love smoothies and have been doing them for years before they were even coined smoothies.


Therefore, I hope you will learn to love them as much as I do!

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