Text Box: Tell Tale Signs Its Time To Cleanse!

Usually a myriad of complaints will help you determine if you are toxic and need to cleanse. 
Aches and pains
Food allergies
Frequent migraines and headaches
Muscle aches 
All round fatigue
Stubborn weight loss
Hormonal imbalances
Auto immune issues
Skin abnormalities such as acne, rosaceous or eczema
If You Have These Habits; Its Time To Cleanse!
Consistent use of ibuprofen, acetaminophen or aspirin
Consuming the SAD Diet (fast foods, processed foods)
Eating a lot of red meat, pork
Mouth full of mercury fillings and dental amalgams

Wondering what’s in it for you?  This Is What You Get:
 Detox charts that guide you through the process that eliminates the guess work on what to do next. 

 Schedules and plans that help you organize your meals along with your detox throughout the day.
Extra protocols that will help you last on your detox and minimize cleansing reactions. 

The benefits mentioned above plus clearer skin, less achy joints, less outbreaks from rashes.  
      A resource to help you attain your goals.  

Support to help you through the program. 

Reduced risk of auto-immune diseases and inflammatory diseases.

Why is detoxification important?
When we are “toxic,” it our natural means of eliminating metabolic waste from normal metabolism, environmental pollution, and the Standard American Diet (SAD diet) have exceeded the threshold for what the body’s innate detoxification system can handle on its own. With this toxic overload, each and every system in the human body can become affected; from our head to toe!
This guide makes detoxing and becoming alkaline easier than ever before. We’ve done all of this hard work for you!  We have looked into all the detox programs, and we have kept abreast of current trends and information about health.  We did all of this for you.  You will have the best information possible right at your finger tips.

At its very core it is a cleansing ritual and technique that can be helpful for immune disorders. 

The ideas presented here ARE NOT intended to be medical advice, endorsements or recommendations.
HOWEVER, this guide is a practical and useful reference tool with information to assist you in a detoxifying program that is good for you to help you feel your best and is good for most conditions and under most circumstances.

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The fact is, no drug store or Doctor will let you take home a treatment and keep it for two whole months and then refund your money if you are not 100% happy. But I am so sure that The Lemon Cure will help you get rid of your Skin and joint and allergy problems, that I am willing to GUARANTEE just that!

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There are no strings attached, no hidden costs, no obligation to keep the treatment if you are not 100% more than happy.

The next step is up to you!
Find out for yourself just how easy it is to stop feeling bad and fatigued when you use this amazing treatment- using this system not drugs!
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You are unique, so it is possible that we have not answered all your questions.

So please feel free to e-mail us. 
Remember- we are here to Help You. 
Our Customer E-Mail Help Line is
If you have a health problem, and you have not done so already, please get yourself checked out by your Doctor first. There is probably nothing seriously wrong with you, so you have nothing to worry about, but it really is worth having that peace of mind. So, please do it.
However, if you have been to the Doctors, and you have tried all their drugs, chemicals, sprays, steroids, antibiotics, pain killers, anti-histamines... and all the other stuff that may work for a week or two... then you really should think about giving The Lemon Cure a try.
You have nothing to lose... and absolutely everything to gain.
Yours in Natural Health,

Venetta Kalu, ND, MPHA
Creator, Nine Secret Doctors E Course

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Disclaimer ……………..
Before starting this or any other health or exercise program, consult your healthcare professional. 
If you are pregnant, nursing, or have any chronic health condition, consult your healthcare 
professional before beginning this program.

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Text Box: Are You Facing The Rest Of Your Life With Blotchy Skin, Rough Dry Patchy Skin or Raccoon Eyes?
Well you don't have to. 
Not any more... 
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Let me get straight to the point about the wonders of this program.  I did this program and WOW what a difference I saw in only 7 days.  I felt amazing, my skin looked great, the leathery look was gone; my hair took on a natural shine and my joints did not snap, crackle or pop.  After that, I promptly told friends so they could purchase this book and get the results they were looking for.  Now I am sharing this book with you too.  Here are some other amazing benefits I think you will want to experience also:
Help cleanse your liver and kidneys toxins that cause the skin issues and dark circles around the eyes;
Help you soften and cleanse your skin from the inside;
Help you boost your energy;
Help you get rid toxins in your joints that cause your aches and pains;
Help cleanse your lymphatic system of toxins that contribute to allergies;
Fight infections (it is a antibacterial and anti-fungal);
Help you become alkaline, gain, regain or maintain your health;
Aid in weight loss;
Aid in digestion;
 Have you ever thought if you just had someone that would help you... and give you treatment that really worked, that you could finally get your digestion healthy, stop getting colds, skin rashes, sinus infections, joint pain and congestion too?

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